We run our bluefin tuna fishing charters as part of Ireland’s bluefin tagging programme. Ireland announced its first bluefin tagging programme in 2019, and, since then, we have been licensed to take part in it. Silver Dawn is equipped with a fighting chair and top quality fishing tackle from manufacturers such as Shimano, Penn and the superb Italian manufacturer Alutecnos. We have both 80lb and 130lb class rods and reels. The fish are brought alongside the boat for measurement and tagging.

The programme runs from 1 July to 12 November annually, with the peak tuna season locally usually running from mid September to late October, but we have encountered Bluefin in August and November on several occasions. However, as with most fishing, Bluefin are very unpredictable, but once encountered, never forgotten. If you are interested in joining a bluefin tuna fishing charter, please contact me.

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Satellite Tagging with the Marine Institute

Bluefin tuna are measured, tagged and released alongside. The only exception is when we are chartered by Ireland’s Marine Institute to satellite tag these fish. In which case, they are safely brought on board in order to carry out this essential scientific research and are released again very quickly. 

Some photos and videos from our bluefin tuna fishing charters

Bluefin Tuna Fishing Videos